Join The Fight



It’s annoying. It’s time-consuming. It’s costly. In some instances, it’s disturbing. But it’s a fact of life in the new Information Age which has reshaped the way so many of us now communicate, access information, do business and conduct a significant amount of our personal and professional affairs.

It’s junk e-mail, commonly called “spam.” Much like the unsolicited telephone calls from telemarketers which were out of control not so long ago, invading our lives at the most inconvenient times, these unwanted e-mails confront each and every one of us who uses e-mail as a way to communicate.

Consider that:

  • researchers estimate that nine billion spam messages are sent every day, constituting more than 40 percent of all e-mail;
  • this year, more than 2 trillion pieces of spam e-mail are expected to choke Internet mail boxes, more than 100 times the amount of mail delivered by the United States Postal Service last year;
  • it costs businesses an estimated $9 billion a year in lost productivity for time spent deleting spam e-mails and adds about two dollars a month to an individual’s Internet bill.

Spam, it’s safe to say, is out of control. That is why my Senate colleagues and I have approved the creation of the “Do Not Spam” Registry to fight back against unwanted e-mails.

Our legislation mirrors New York’s highly-successful “Do Not Call” registry, which has virtually put an end to unwanted telemarketing calls. Our first-in-the-nation registry has prevented at least a half billion sales calls and has served as a model for the recently created national “Do Not Call” registry.

However, in order for the “Do Not Spam” registry to become a reality, the State Assembly must pass our bill. That is why we need your help. If you agree that it is time to give New Yorkers the choice to stop unwanted e-mails, I hope you will share your support and Join the Fight!